Oh, Canada

Ellie loves Canada. She asked in the summer if her Birthday (which is in January) could be Canada Day themed.

We put a little shin dig together with her preschool buds & cousins.

We did a scavenger hunt, though admittedly my expectations were too high for preschoolers and kindergarteners, BUT they still had fun. I had set out clues around the house, then within each clue icon along with the next set of wordplay was a Canadian icon they were to take and keep and once they collected all the icons, they got the prize. BUT…they just kind of ran in a herd from one clue to the next.

I DEFINITELY stole the scavenger hunt clues from: http://www.melissaanddoug.com/blogpost?postId=puzzle-play-activity-a-counting-by-10s-puzzle-hunt-printable

We also had a craft where they were to make their own flag for the land they all think they rule. We did a Canada flag pinata which although was a hit, definitely looked extremely un patriotic.

Finally, we did a spin on pin the tale on the donkey but instead, was pin the maple leaf on the flag.

Although Justin Trudeau & Sophie Gregoire Trudeau didn’t make an appearance, they were present in true cardboard cutout form.

We love this girl so darn much, and if she ever questions my love of her, I have pictures of me glueing tissue paper to an empty box to make her her coveted canada flag pinata and showing up to Staples asking for 3.5′ high printouts of our Prime Minister and his wife.


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