In Da Club.

Our latest project is done (well, at least 90% done, which as you know is our MO).

Off of Charlie’s bedroom is a small bonus room. It used to have a door which lead to a small platform. When we had our roof redone, the platform was interfering with the integrity of part of the roof we, we had it removed. SO now, we had a door that actually lead to nothing but some broken bones.

So, we when we had the windows replaced in the house, we had them convert the door to another window.

With the many issues of the roofers we used, this room also had lots of water damage done to the ceiling. SO, that needed to be replaced. There used to be a small closet in this bonus room, too, but we opted to take it down to get some more space.

We thought this room was going to be a quick fix (rookie mistake), but all in all it worked out as the extra work lead us to some wires that were rubbed bare and a fire waiting to happen. SO that was remedied in a hurry.

Once we got all the major headaches out of the way it was just some paint, some laminate flooring, and some cute kid accents to make this room transformed into a super fun kid hang out.

I wish it were my office!



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