Sod Off.

Or, rather, rip of 52, 301 layers of concrete, lay down oodles of top soil, then gently lay ON the sod….

We have a very long driveway. And are fortunate to have a set back double car garage. BUT, we never use it for our cars. So the big debate started. Do we…

  1. keep the concrete slab at the back and have a mix of grassy area to play around in, and hard? Or….
  2. Tear up the concrete (little did we know what exactly that meant…)  and lay down sod to increase the grassy area.

I’m sure by now you guessed what we chose….

Like any project we start, we naively think it will be a “quick weekend project…”. I think it was a Friday night when Rob decided to start digging up the concrete. Then that lead to twenty thousand more nights of digging up the concrete. I helped. My father in law helped. My brother in law helped. Our neighbours helped. Rob barely did anything…. *wink*



Finally, all the dust settled (aka, many loads of a big truck taking away all the rubble. All. The. Rubble.), we laid in lots of top soil and triple mix, then a nice new plush layer of sod.

Sod on, I say. Sod on.



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