Who’s Side are You on?

Wow– it’s been some time. Maybe you thought we got stuck into some huge DIY mess where we were locked up and couldn’t get out. Orrrr maybe we just lost track of time and now need to play catch up with the goings on in this OldNewHouse of ours.

Let’s start off with the siding,  I think that’s where we just about left off from the last post.

The original wooden siding of the house was nice and full of cute & clever details, BUT it was starting to rot, and Rob nor myself enjoy heights, so didn’t want to volunteer to get up there and scrape/sand then paint. And because of the beginning stages of rot, we decided to go with aluminium. SO happy with it. What’s even better is we also had them add a layer of insulation, so hopefully that will help keep the upstairs a bit more warm in the cold months that lay ahead.

The original siding was dark brown, but after some humming and hawing, went with a cream colour that balanced with the new window trim. SO happy with the results!

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