Three years ago to this day I was still in newborn-glow-phase. Little did I know, I was about to enter into a handful of months where I felt inadequate more times to count, cried over things from neighbours shovelling my walk, to thinking about how I would ever manage to cut a watermelon again. I would be leaving those handful of months feeling some of the lowest lows I ever felt. It was tough– I was even tougher on myself. I would go through those months wondering “WHAT HAVE I DONE?! WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN HAVE BABIES?!?!”

As you can guess, those feelings very much diminished (…enter January 25th, 2016…haha kidding Charlie.) On the flipside of the “little did I know” tale…. Little did I know, I would be entering to a new world like never before. A world with Eleanor. This is a wonderful place and a place I never want to not know. Eleanor is filled with such wonder and imagination that I sometimes turn up her monitor extra loud during her “quiet time” where I can listen to the stories she tells her stuffed animals and the worlds she creates. Just this afternoon our living room was a pirate ship. Pretty awesome world.

Little did I know my days would be filled with such laughter, sunny spirit, furious determination, fierce independence, and a love so deep that I can say with utmost certainty that part of my life was made for her. Made for her to meet her, know her, love her, teach her, and most importantly…learn from her.

This year, we witnessed her accept Charlie into our family with such certainty and embraced him from day one. Eager to help as we hit the floor running.

She sets the pace, and though it can be hard to keep up (i.e. the scene changes from our living room to a pirate ship to a canoe going to the cottage in seconds. Tiring!) She blazes through any and all trails, and I love to follow.

Now that I’m a blubbery mess as I reflect on the year and look through photos of the year, let’s switch gears ABOUT THESE SUPER CUTE DOLLS.

Santa was so kind to bring Ellie a dollhouse for Christmas. This dollhouse is gigantic…and in retrospect, maybe a touch of buyers remorse (but the people at the garage sale didn’t take returns…). It didn’t come with dolls, and would fit Barbie’s perfectly fine. But for some reason that I can’t really explain, I didn’t want to introduce barbies juuuust yet. But, all the other dolls readily available were just too small and looked out of place. I turned to etsy and found my inspiration to get little wooden dolls and paint them to be members of the family (!!!!!!). Enter next roadblock, the tallest I could find these little dolls was 4.75″. Not tall enough for this doll house. UGH. After  lots and lots and lots of searching I finally found 8″ ones. And the angels rejoiced.

It was super fun, but more fun watching her open them for her birthday and realising they were us, in weirdo bendy doll form. So excited! so happy!


Thanks Eleanor for infusing imagination at play back into my life. Bringing me back to make-believe and story building (apparently a make believe world where I play the piano for the family’s entertainment…) Can’t imagine going back to January 3, 2014….because there that was when the world didn’t know you, the wonderful, crazy, energetic, dinosaur loving, book hoarding, crafting enthusiast, wonky wordsmith You.

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