Catching Up.

Our days are packed and we are pretty busy people, and apparently 3 year olds live pretty social lifestyles for us to keep up with. The household of  a young family is undoubtedly a busy one. That paired with orders coming in for freelance and my small etsy shop— there’s not a lot of time left in our days. But, with that time that’s left we tend to tinker on the projects in the house. It is kind of like our downtime, as backwards as that may be.

So, that being said, we have been playing a bit of catch-up with some things around here.


Whenever I was going to break out the sewing machine, I had to lug it into the dining room to set up. Set up was annoying. To reach a plug I had to either hunt for the extension cord or shimmy the table closer to the wall. I would have to dig out my cutting mat stored under the couch, then gather up all the supplies that were squirrelled away. Then to clean up again, which lead to putting things away when I was tired and not at all interested in putting things back properly so enter: losing all sorts of things and/or screwing up any organization I had done with a fresh state of mind.

The idea was to eventually make a sewing/crafting room in the basement tied in with the laundry room. It was a Saturday morning while changing loads of laundry that I looked around and decided “no time like the present”. Rob came home from morning errands to find me shuffling furniture around things torn apart.

We had shelving units and an empty table and it was just becoming a breeding ground  for STUFF. And I’d rather sort through the STUFF (toss or otherwise) and get this sewing room under control. So we cleared things out, raised (and painted!) a shelving unit for it to be a better height for cutting etc, painted and plopped up some peg board, ta-da!

As for the stairwell, Rob patched up all the holes still leftover from the electricians from when we first moved in. And we (okay, he) painted it and then for a little variety, painted the ceiling bright (bright.) green. Because, why not? It’s a hallway. Have fun.



We painted the stairwell & pantry white. And while painting decided to give the shelves inside a little facelift & tummy tuck.

Super simple: resident wrapping paper, glue, water, tape. Done.

Same idea with the pantry, except substitute in scrapbooking paper and no need for tape. Easy makeover just because.






Finishing touches galore! Trim up! Quarter round up! Photos up! Shelves and toy storage, done! TV up! Heating Plate Up! Revived shelving unit done! We now spend a LOT of time down here. The kiddos love it.

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