Where did Summer go?

I have been out of school for some time and I don’t yet have children in school to re-experience summer, but man…it went fast!

So fast that I don’t think we did one blog post. Maybe we did. But I’m feeling far too lazy to go back and check when the last post was.

We had the entire house outfitted with brand new windows. Oh my gosh. Best decision. The ability to get breezes in the house and fresh air is just the best. Our front porch was all glassed, like a sun room. Though it’s nice in the winter to have an enclosed area acting as a primer before going out into the frigid, I still thought I’d prefer it opened up again. So, while the windows were being installed, we had him take out the biggest pane of glass and then we finished off the job. It’s way easier bringing in the groceries and stroller not having a door at the very top step that’s for sure.

I love it. We spend way more time out there now than we did when it was closed in. Rob also installed an outdoor ceiling fan to keep bugs at bay and a continuous breeze-a-comin’. We need to change out the flooring on the porch because it won’t withstand the extra moisture/dirt/snow/ice/salt it will now be exposed to. The next debate is now to paint the front door or not. The verdict is still out. (…but it will probably be yellow…)

However, those lovely breezes aided a bat family to find their way in the house. Hooray! Except not at all hooray. And of course they were always discovered swooping over our heads between the hours of 1 and 4 in the morning. So it was totally convenient.

It’s been a busy summer of bigger & necessary projects (re: window replacement and bat removal & prevention) so haven’t had as much time to do the fun things.

We’ve been picking away at the basement rec room as well as the office. Happy to say the office is done! Okay– we need to put the curtains back up…but a project done by us wouldn’t sound right it was anything but 90% complete!

The basement is looking amazing. So in love with it. And it’s been a great spot to head during the super hot summer we’ve had. All that’s left there is hanging (…and purchasing) a TV, hanging up artwork, and then the baseboards. You know, all that 10% stuff!

We kept 3 of the old windows from the office and are going to hang them up above the counter. It’s a good solution because that wall has been bare for far too long.  The office’s theme was basically wood. But nothing matched. The wooden desk was a different wood than the floor, which was different than the trim, which was different than the counter, which was different than the beams up top. SO lots of wood. So, to break up the wood, we painted the shelving unit (colour: Denim Blue by Behr) as well as the top slab of the desk. Also added some new handles on the shelving unit. Ta-Da!

As for the next creative/fun project, I think we’re going to get another set of engineering prints done and put them up in the old glass windows now in the office. We’ll see.

More to come including the befores/during/afters of the basement.

Enjoy the last few days of summer!

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