A wee update

With this wonderful weather we have been having we’ve been so busy out-and-about that some of our house projects have just been touched on, rather than tackled.

And you know what, that’s okay.

The garage doors are complete! huzzah! Two matching and functional doors. Slapped with a fresh coat of paint for the siding.

Rob has had his hands busy and dirty in the basement. Ceiling is in, taped, mudded, and painted. Walls are all primed and painted. We had new windows installed and super pleased with how they turned out. After picking up the last load of pallets, Rob finished the wall. Looks great! We just can’t decide to stain it or not, so for a now, we are going to leave as is and change later if we feel it still needs it. Carpet was ordered today and should go in next week if we’re lucky.

I had purchased a canvas and it’d been sitting blank for too long. So, on calm & quiet evenings, I hauled out the painting supplies and go to it. We hung it in the stairwell on the tall, tall, wall.

We also gave our back deck a bit of a facelift. It’s built super sturdy but we wanted to freshen ‘er up. So we did a quick & inexpensive fix, but it really does transform it to look totally new and refreshed. Who would have thought wood could be described as refreshing. Well, feast your eyes on this refreshing stack of wood.

As far as this thing known as “Parenting”, we have been having a hard time at bedtime for a few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the brightness of day, the amount of time we are spending outside, her age, the grass being green, it being a day ending in ‘y’, or what. Likely a combo of all of the above. She gets her stories at bedtime, then a book for her bunny. The idea is that when she is done reading to bunny she then goes to sleep. It’s what we’ve always done.

But now it’s her talking and singing and talking and singing and rolling around, and needing a drink of water, then more talking and more playing, and more requests for water. She’s happy and content– but we’re talking some nights this happens for 2 hours passed her bedtime. So hopefully this will pass. My biggest worry is making bedtime a negative experience. I mean, she’s up there singing to her bunny and then here I am, the mean one, beckoning that it’s bedtime, not playtime, and stop having fun, and close your eyes, and “I better not have to come back up here one more time….” There have been a couple trying nights, and then me feeling super incredibly guilty for making bedtime a negative thing so much that at midnight I crawled into her bed to sleep because of my mom-guilt. Oh my goodness with the mom-guilt.

Other than that, we’ve been just enjoying one another, and getting oot-n-aboot.





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