Differences Between 1st & 2nd

So there are some shining differences between Baby 1 and Baby 2 – both in their personalities as well as my approach towards them.

Tonight, we are going to talk about The Approach.

Ellie did swimming classes as an infant and still continues to this day. Charlie is also currently enrolled in swimming lessons. So, I’m basically nailing this parenting thing.

Anyways, back to The Approach. When Ellie was in swim classes, there was picture day. The day where family and friends could come onto the pool deck during the class and take unlimited photos of Little Pot Roast floating around like a …well…pot roast.

For Ellie, I basically declared it a national holiday. Send out the E-vites. Make it a Facebook event. Book the photographer. Have hair and makeup done.

Charlie’s was last week. I noticed an abnormal amount of people on the deck during the swim class…then I noticed I was the only parent without an accompanying paparazzi. I thought “meh…oh well. It’s just a picture”

But then, as the class progressed I started seeing into the future and guilt ensued. I was picturing a nice evening going through each of their baby books when they are older, showing their first photos after being born, their first photos at home, first photos of eating solids, first photos of special holidays…then we’d turn the page. We’d get to “My first swimming lesson”

And there, Charlie would sit, with no picture. Which, of course, would turn into a tunnel of self-worth issues, lack of confidence, probably also the inability to swim without proof he once floated around (…like a pot roast) in a public pool at 5 months of age.

I snapped out of my future reading with 5 mins to spare before the class ended. I panicked.  I NEEDED that photo of him. It NEEDED to happen. HE I NEEDED IT.

So I meekly asked the first person I saw (a man with a long viking style beard, and black nail polish) to take our photo and to then awkwardly make arrangements to then get that photo. Well, it was a success. Charlie will now not spiral into the depths of self-worth because he, like his sister, will also have photo proof of his first swimming class. Thank you, kind Viking Man!

In the words of Ellie: “Phew. That was a close one.”


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