Mudpies & Dinosaur Salad

After some idle pinterest-ing, I came across some super cute rocks painted with fruits and vegetables on them. Much like anything made teeny-tiny my reaction was “awwww….”.

The “awwwing” lead to clicking, which lead to more “awwwing” and the super fun world of mud kitchens. Then, after talking to my sister in law about the surge of energy I felt after seeing and reading about these things she introduced me to Reggio Emilia Outdoor Learning. SO FUN.

So with scraps found from other projects we (….Rob) put this together. Our main projects this summer are focused outside, so this was a good project to get the backyard wheel turning. We found the ideal spot for it too: out of the way, perfect size, blocking off the space between our house and the neighbours as Stevey gets back there and goes all “guard dog” and barks her face off when our neighbours are just trying to enjoy their supper! However, we do from time to time need access back there so we kept the weight of this kitchen and the portability of it in mind.

Ellie and I painted the rocks. She also went above and beyond the call of duty and painted her stomach, her legs, her arms, the table, the floor…should I go on?

As perfect timing would have it, we were able to use some of the branches and roots from shrubs we pulled out of the front yard to make the oven handle, oven burners and dials.

I also found some other scrap pieces of wood of different sizes and shapes to use for other means of creative play. Or you know, to throw for the dog. Tomato/Tomato.

With a quick trip to the dollar store and some rummaging in things we don’t really use,  we were able to bring this mud-kitchen home. Some stainless steel bowls, a strainer, some funnels, wooden spoons, frying pan, mini dutch oven,…and we are off to a great start.

To add some colour to the space (as it’s bound to soon me caked in dirt and mud) I grabbed some scraps of fabric  (look familiar?), and old pair of jeans and made some bunting/streamers/..things. I can never think of the proper name. And typing it into google and figuring out seems like a lot of work right now…! Ha.

We threw down a 1/2 yard of soil in the backyard and another 1/2 yard of mulch yet it doesn’t even look like it. How does that happen?

Anyways…Ellie played in it for the first time today. Pretty cute to watch her create. She made some soup, which after “eating” it says “mmm, tastes like chicken!” (culprit for that one liner @ 2:13: click here)

She rounded the meal off with a salad which the dinosaur said it was to die for.

As for Charlie, he didn’t have much in the line for any glowing reviews. He was happy enough being held in the baby-holding-device oblivious to the world around him.

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