Finish What You Start

…or something like that.

We may do a lot of things to fill our days and projects around the house, but we kinda sorta never fully really finish something. When we start a project, it get’s to about the 95% done state and then we start winding down just as something else sparks our interest. Then that 5% of that last project gets added to “The List.”.

The List has gotten a bit lengthly so it was high-time we addressed some.

I HATE having the microwave on the countertop. Hate hate hated it. It was always the intention to make some sort of shelving and microwave holding contraption above the stove…but that just happened to fall in that 5%.

We were going gung-ho on finishing the basement but then decided to stop and tackle some of the 5% issues.

I am THRILLED with the results. The space above the fridge and stove was SO DEAD. Luckily, my inlaws had updated some of their kitchen appliances so we gave their microwave a new home…above our stove. Perfectly timed and perfectly suited.

Rob built the cabinets to house our cutting boards (ALSO was taking up room on our countertops but now remedied!), cook books, and some odds-n-sods.

Love the scalloped edges in this kitchen and super happy we were able to keep them when altering the existing cabinets! YAHOO!


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