Back in the Saddle Again.

We’ve been picking at finishing the dungeon family room in the basement. We bought the “Dricore” flooring months ago when it was on sale. It’s been sitting just ready to be laid in, so Rob pieced it together a few weeks ago.  There was water coming into the basement through two cracks in the foundation wall. We had a crack specialist come in and fill those for us so we can (hopefully) kiss water trickles in the basement goodbye. We did the Dricore in case any more water manages to find it’s way in, we will at least have an inch of clearance throughout the whole room for it to sit before damaging anything. It’s also an insulator so that will be an added bonus for flooring in a basement.

Baby Charlie was doing a good run of night sleeping, so we took the gamble and spent a night framing some walls.  That, of course, ruined the streak of good sleeping nights as he was up a number of times that night. Sigh. The unpredictability of newborn night time sleep is the worst. The worst.

Our excitement level for finishing this room of the house has escalated in the past couple of weeks as we started talking about what the next steps are, finishes, etc.

Next steps:

  • Having two new windows installed (…and finding windows….and an installer.)
  • Carpeting installed (…and choose carpet)
  • Paint existing wood panelling (…and choose paint)
  • Running the electrical
  • Dry wall ceiling
  • Pallet board wall (more below)

As for the pallet board wall, we have seen this treatment done in person as well as  hypnotized states on Pinterest, and are keen on trying it out.  PLUS, there are always companies getting rid of pallets for free. Free = wonderful.

(remember, clicking on pictures make them big!)

I put together a quick board of the overall feel/look of the room I want to achieve as well as the colour scheme that I have been toying with in my head.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.28.51 PM

Still a tonne of work to be done, but I am lucky and I get the easy laid back job of coming up with the look…Rob has to do all the work. KIDDING– kind of. BUT…I AM in the photos helping to build walls. I HELP! Ellie also helps. She is in there like a dirty rag …a dirty rag who picks up scrap pieces of wood to build towers, or to move small stones from one spot to another.









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