Baby Charlie

Or, in the words of Ellie, “Baby Chawlie”. We decided to go with the traditional spelling of “Charlie”, though.

Arriving a little more than week late, he is now a little more than week old. We love him to bits and equally love watching Ellie interact with him. One of the first things she did was gingerly touch his leg whispering “tiny little baby legs”.

Our house has been thrown back into newborn mode; receiving blankets galore, swings, pillows, and our freezer over flowing with meals from from friends and family. He has won us over (…except at 2am, 3am, 4am….and marathon feeding sessions…then that’s a different story….).

I have to admit, during my pregnancy part of me was worried about having a boy after a girl. All I know is girls! How will I do it? I don’t know boys! I only know Ellie– how will I figure out a new baby. Well, we’ll figure out Charlie the same way we figured out Ellie. And, although the newborn phase is hard and trying, frustrating, and at times maddening… it all leads to us figuring him out and learning who he is, and all that he can add to our family.

I also have to admit that while pregnant with Charlie I was very nervous about how Ellie would adjust to life with another baby in the house. Would she embrace it? Would she hate it? Would she regress? Start feeling rejected? Resent me? Resent us? Well, thanks to Peppa Pig, my mind was put as ease. I was snuggled up on the couch with Ellie watching an episode of Peppa Pig. “Peppa Pig has a little brother,” I thought. “They seem happy! They seem to like each other! Well then having another baby will be no problem if Peppa Pig and her little brother George can make it work! SURELY animations of two sibling pigs can help sort out my worries!”

I still have many worries about sorting this newborn infant and toddler balance out. I know Ellie really  well. So, naturally, another worry is not getting to know Charlie AS WELL because I won’t have the same time to devote to just him that I did with Ellie. Or, on the flipside, I worry that I will start to not know Ellie because of the time I need to give to Charlie. SO MANY THINGS! But, I mean, what’s the worse that can happen? That these thoughts just keep me up all night and run circles around me all day? …..eep!

I will forever worry about these two, but I will also love them forever. Perhaps those two things will just go hand in hand. Love them so much that you’ll just worry about every little thing and how it will affect them in any which way. Growing up we used to poke fun to my dad about being such a worrier…I think I am starting to understand why the worry. Constantly wanting what is best for our kids, and maybe not always sure how to make it happen (…so you worry about how you don’t know how to make it happen…man, what an endless cycle.).

Enough babble. Welcome to our family, Baby Charlie. Cannot wait to get to know you.




One thought on “Baby Charlie

  1. janet🐞 and reiny says:

    A huge “Congrats” on welcoming young “CHARLIE” 🍼 to your delightful family….. he is one lucky wee boy.
    I had not seen your blog recently and just checked out the ‘Year in Review’ ….WOW!! You both are amazing, what you have accomplished in that year. It looks like you have made it your own, cosy, welcoming and happy. Sweet Elli 😇 has grown and just as cute as ever. She will be the best ‘big sister’.
    Enjoy every minute and don’t worry about “cutting the grass” ( for the neighbour ha ha) because those little ones will grow so fast your heads will spin.
    Hugs……..janet🐞 and reiny.

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