All My Bags are Packed…

We’re ready to go! To the hospital, that is! We are at 5 days before the due date of Baby #2.  There are a lot of loose ends (at least, feels like it) to get done before Baby makes their big debut.

Last year, for Ellie’s FIRST birthday, I wanted to make her a “Quiet Book”. (Google it if you’re confused). Well, that never happened. So then it was going to be just “because”. Well, that never happened either. This was always a project that I was working on in the background. Making a page here or there, thinking of ideas here or there. But never really sitting down and hardcore committing any great amount of time to. The idea then morphed into Christmas gift…then 2nd Birthday gift; neither happened. SO I had to give myself an actual deadline to stick to or else this book would never get done. New deadline: The new Baby’s gift to Ellie when she comes to the hospital (okay, fine, semi-bribe to like the new addition haha). WELL…goal achieved! Hooray!

You can definitely tell the pages that I did late at night and losing steam/ambition. BUT IT’S DONE. I got a little backpack for her to hold the book and threw in some stickers and play-dough in case she thinks the book is a complete bore. But play-dough and Frozen stickers will always win! So her backpack is now packed and ready at the door.


Next on my list of things I wanted to get done before Baby arrives was painting our staircase as a gradient. There are MANY things in these home renos that I am not much help at, or can do solo. Rob is the in-charge guy and Mr. know-how. Don’t mistake that as an unwillingness to learn, mind you. But this staircase I had fully planned on doing 100% myself. Time went on and then I realised how close we were to the due date. I picked out the paint, purchased it, theeeeen I had a run-in with a not to comfortable, er, ailment, with this pregnancy that left me on the couch for way too many days than I would have liked. I learned how much I really can’t stand sitting still. So Rob, knowing I had wanted to finish it before rushing to the hospital was kind enough to do it himself. I know, I know…but he’s taken.

I always thought these gradient staricases looked neat, and a great way to add some colour and fun without being too committed if it didn’t turn out. That’s the best part about paint– if you don’t like it, it’s easy to go back or change your mind.

We bought a quart of the dark turquoise and Rob did one step at a time. 2 coats per stair, then would go mix in some white, apply 2 coats to the next stair, step and repeat. Now this left us with a TONNE of paint at the end (after adding in all the white). Looking back we would have done it the other way around, add dark to light. But live and learn.

What was next? The back Kitchen Porch, AKA Summer Kitchen, AKA MudRoom AKA…Room from Hell. For anyone that has been following this reno has been quite extensive. What we thought was going to be a weekend project has turned into 6 months and counting. But, that’s always the way it goes. When you look behind covered walls, problems are bound to present themselves. You know, if you think the foundation sinking and soft rotten wood are “problems”.

It’s shaping up, though! Rob has done a great job. Since jacking up the building in the summer and re-framed all the walls, he put up the drywall, mudded, taped, painted,  chiselled off all the plaster to expose the brick wall, laid in flooring, painted/white washed the flooring.   We decided to follow this tutorial for the flooring and add a slight white-wash. Beside the cabinet we are going to build in a bench seat with a cubby per person in the house to hold our coats, shoes, etc. We are going to treat the room as a mudroom, essentially. Rob is getting pretty antsy to start the cubby-building and hey…if it makes him happy, who am I to get in his way?  More updates to come…

Oh, poo, I forgot about the office and how I wanted that done before baby– well it’s done but the photos are not….and I am not about to go take pictures now. Ha.

Next time?



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