Nursery; check!

With some time to spare, we have the nursery ready for Baby #2!
We have done a fair amount of work on this room from the day of moving in.  Starting with the floor-up, we ripped up the carpet, then the linoleum beneath that carpet then single handedly lifted each nail that held the subfloor which held the linoleum in place. We haven’t treated the original floors beneath at all other than lifting up what was hiding them. They are beautiful.

The walls had some holes in them from when we had the entire house re-wired so they had to be patched up. We also re-painted just for the nursery in order to lighten the room a bit.

Now, as we understand it, long ago this room was momentarily used as a 2nd kitchen, hence the sink in the room. We decided to just take off the counter top and sink, but keep the base of the vanity. At an antique market we frequent, we found the perfect piece of pine to use for the new countertop. Perfect colour, thickness and length. This would now create a change table area. We figure as the kids get older we can convert this yet again, but into a built-in desk.

Rob planed the wood, cut it in half and installed it in the space. We then stained it a light golden/honey colour to match the floors. Final touch was applying a MEGA bar varnish. It is one application, but acts as  60 coats. So a nice thick and glossy varnish. LOVED that we went with this option.

After weeks of looking at wallpaper books and trudging them home,  I finally found one that would work. Don’t get me wrong….I found PLENTY that I LOVED (adored, even.) but man…wallpaper is expensive! So this one both myself and my bank account liked. Well, maybe the account didn’t like, but tolerated.

We kept the existing light fixture above the change table, but made one small change: a dimmer. This will be nice because the light above is on a separate circuit than the main room light. So to be able to have a soft dim light for middle of the night diaper changes will definitely be preferable.

Lucky for us, we came across an old galvanized tub for FREE so the idea was to use that as a laundry basket. I made a fabric insert with a drawstring on it so that when the bin is full of dirty laundry I can just bring the sack down, versus the giant awkward tub. Pretty happy with how that turned out. I used the extra fabric to make a change pad cover to match. Yahoo! Speaking of fabric, thanks to my mom telling me of a super sale at the fabric store, I scooped up some fabric to make new curtains for the window and door.

I wavered on the “theme” of this nursery. It was going to be travel or outdoors. Outdoors basically won, but with a couple travel touches thrown in (i.e. the globe). I designed some little woodland creatures as some accents to the room in old-fashioned-paper-doll style. To keep with the outdoors look, Rob found an old trunk, cleaned it up, cut it to size and we will use that as a side table. Rustic and super basic, but I love it.  Rob also came across a cute lamp with a moose on it, so couldn’t pass that up to add to the nursery!

It’s great to have this room under control and ready-to-rock (…a-bye-baby). There are still a lot of things we have on the go before Baby #2 comes, but having the nursery is key!

7 weeks to go! WHAT!?! How is that even possible. Oh my.

(remember, clicking on pictures makes them bigger!)





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