The “Matilda Activity Tower” Hacked…and hacked again

So I have seen the Matilda Activity Tower around and really liked the idea because Ellie really likes being a part of the goings-on up on the countertops or sink. Then, I started seeing all these IKEA hacks on the Matilda Activity Tower where you take 2 of the stools and arrange them in away to make the tower super easily. So I set to do that. Last week, I looked up the tutorial then showed Rob to see what he thought of it. He was game. Then I looked on IKEA’s website for pricing…$25/stool. I would need 2 stools, so $50. Plus a couple other materials…so let’s say $60 all told. Then I had to take into consideration the closest IKEA to me is about 45 minutes away. So…1.5 hours of driving to buy 2 stools, 1 of which I would be breaking apart (fingers crossed the hack works after spending $60).

Here is an IKEA hack tutorial example:

For the record, I love the idea of the IKEA stool hack. I am just too cheap!

So then I said “ah well, the stool she uses now it just fine.” and when I say that stool, I mean the bar stool at our kitchen island. Though a perfect height…not exactly the star of safety. So Rob ventured out into our garage and found enough wood from building the walls on the kitchen porch to now use to make Ellie a Matilda Tower!

matilda tower

So instead of spending $60 and 1.5hrs driving + assembly time:

  • 5 hours give or take of building/assembly/time
    – Leftover paint from Ellie’s bedroom walls
    – Leftover wood from building the porch/summer kitchen
    = no money! no driving!When not in use, it slides over into the corner: no muss, no fuss. It’s nice and sturdy and feel better about it when Ellie is up helping (or should I say, “helping”) us make supper, bake, do dishes etc, as we don’t need to be feeling like we need ot stay within 2 inches of her at all times.

    Granted, our version is a big bulkier and bigger. But that’s okay. The size works for our kitchen and there’s a spot for it to slide over out of the way when not in use. Hooray! We are working on a patent….Either the “I help! Stool” or the “Ellie, Help? Stool” (except not actually. We have day jobs, you know.)

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