A Year in Review

Well it’s been a year. This time last year we had electricians blowing holes in what seemed like every wall in the house, we were living in our family member’s basement, and staying up until all hours of the night ripping out ceilings and flooring.

It’s been a big year. SO MANY THINGS.

A year later…

Master Bedroom:

  • Tear down old ceiling
  • New ceiling
  • Found era appropriate door for the closet
  • Painted all trim
  • Painted walls
  • Designed & installed board and batten wall treatment

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Ellie’s Room:

  • Painted ceiling white
  • Painted trim white
  • Painted walls
  • Baseboard heating installed
  • New window treatment

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  • Tear down old ceiling
  • New ceiling
  • Lew lighting
  • All cabinetry painted
  • New countertops
  • Walls painted
  • Backsplash installed
  • New flooring
  • New sink
  • New window treatment

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Living Room:

  • Tear down old ceiling
  • New ceiling treatment
  • New lighting layout
  • Old fireplace replaced with gas insert
  • Walls painted
  • New window (patio door) treatment
  • Flooring treatment

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Main floor Bath:

  • New door/privacy treatment in glass door
  • Plumbing fixed to make the showering possible (…only because we needed one while renovated the UPSTAIRS bathroom. Speaking of….)

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Upstairs Bath:

  • Shower doors ripped out
  • Stripped wallpaper
  • Vanity ripped out and replaced with a floating vanity
  • Wall treatment (subway tile) applied
  • Tile installed in bathtub/shower
  • Shelves installed above toilet
  • Old flooring ripped out
  • New flooring installed
  • Walls painted
  • New toilet installed

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Dining Room:

  • Walls repainted
  • Pantry repainted

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  • Carpet ripped out
  • Trim painted
  • Wallpaper stripped
  • Wall painted

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  • New Roof
  • New eavestrough
  • Raised the garage and supported it

Summer Kitchen/Mudroom:
(where to begin??)

  • Floor raised, supported, and levelled
  • Base supported with wood that wasn’t rotting
  • Ceiling beams added for support
  • Each wall replaced without taking the roof down
  • Insulated
  • New window
  • New door
  • Basically been a complete demo without taking the roof down….
  • more to come….

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3rd Bedroom:

  • Sink taken out
  • New vanity top (for change station)
  • still more to come…..fingers crossed in time for the new baby!

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Still more to come. A lot more. But we are loving it.

A year later and so many memories already being written on the walls. When we left our first house I was sad to say goodbye to the house that provided us with so many “firsts”.  But we are overflowing with so many “firsts” within these walls. Sure, some of the “firsts” are like “the first time dealing with rock solid frozen pipes causing flooding in the kitchen” or “first time trying to jack up a garage without it falling to the ground…” But SOME of the “firsts” are “First time Ellie ever took her first steps” or, “first time we had a real fireplace at Christmas time to hang our stockings.” “First house for Ellie to become a big sister in”.

Pretty great, I’d say.

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