No More Crib

With the baby-on-the-way (ETA January) we thought it would be best to start transitioning Ellie into a “big-girl-bed” now. This way we are still 4 months out before Baby so we can spread out the big changes for Ellie. Rather than everything happening at once.  That, and I didn’t want to have two cribs in the house.

When we moved in, we didn’t do a thing with her room (apart from putting up pictures and placing furniture). Mostly because when we first moved in we had bigger fish to fry.

So almost a year later, her room is next on on the docket.

Rob and I took a somewhat impromptu vacation and just got back a couple of days ago. I was itching to get started on her room. We purchased fabric to make a duvet cover and a couple accent pillows. I wanted lots of patterns and lots of colours. I wanted a feminine room for her, but wanted to avoid doing everything in pink. As I think there’s more to a little girls room than default pink e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. (same with default blue often used for boys).

We also had a bed that we have been using as our spare since our first house. It was actually from my parents house, which before then, was from a neighbour’s farm house. My parents had it beautifully refinished…

…and then I ruined things. Well tomato/tomato. I really wanted a colourful bed. I thought about getting a toddler bed and painting it. But then I thought to pass on getting a toddler bed since we already had this one waiting and willing. The more I thought about having a colourful bed, the more my heart was set on it. So I asked my parents if they minded if I painted it. I DID like it refinished how it was. It’s a great looking bed…but just really wanted to do a turquoise bed. So…we painted it and I am thrilled!

For the duvet cover I followed THIS tutorial.
Like her, I also used a white sheet for the backside to save money. Luckily, I had a sheet to use that was perfect for this. You see, like 3 years ago I bought what I thought was a set of white queen sheets from IKEA. Once home I realised it was, in fact, a queen duvet cover. Yep. So it has sat for three years with me constantly thinking “it will get used one day…” Good thing Rob doesn’t read this so won’t ever know. Oh…wait. So I cut it up to use as a big white sheet. Don’t worry Rob, it was just me being resourceful!

For the envelope pillow cases I followed THIS tutorial.
Both recommended. The pillow cases were such a breeze…15 mins spent on each probably.

We’ve been reading her books all about switching over to a Big Bed for the last couple of weeks to prime the pump. She seems to like the idea. She would clamber into our bed and say “Under covers!” and then lay down and fake snore. So we took that as a sign….haha.

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