Sunday Funday

It was  a goal of ours that by the anniversay of us officially living here, that we could do a post called “One year. One house” to highlight that we have worked on each room of the house.

It was a nice idea…and we aren’t TOO far away from it. But…it will not be a reality. Things like going to the beach, weddings, campfires, drive-ins, cottaging, evenings on the porch, and enjoying summer got in the way. I know…what a bummer.

We tore out the shelves in the porch attached to our kitchen. When we did this the original thought was “Let’s just rip of the shelves, tear down the interior walls, insulate, mouse-proof, then put new walls up and new shelves. Easy peasy.

But, like most projects involving the  “unknown behind something or other” it triples or quadruples the time you initially thought you’d be investing.

When we moved in, we noticed the porch was on a slight lean. But we thought “aw, isn’t that cute. Old houses have so much charm.” Once we ripped down the walls, that lean wasn’t cute. It was ugly. The walls were rotten. The supports were rotten. Part of the ceiling was rotten. We think part of the air was even rotten.

So what turned into a simple project to get done in time for our “One year. One house” post has turned into a rest of the summer project. But hey, that’s okay. We forever remain optimistic.

Rob and his dad got under the porch and jacked it up to make it level again (no more cute lean) and added new supports to …support. That was a long day in the heat but they prevailed!

Rob and our good  dear great friend Jason came over to help tear down the rotten wall as well as rip down the ceiling. THEN help rebuild the wall. Pretty good. I was at the park with another great friend while the main demo was happening, (demos are easy!) but from what I hear, the ceiling was being held up with tar (a lot of it at that) and shingles and it took everything they had to get it down. But like Rob and his dad, they prevailed!

So now the wall is on a great road to a new life. I got a bit excited tonight after seeing the wall up…seeing it cleaned up and level I started picturing where we will put things. I want to put cupboards back in but with some more custom options. For example, a pantry area  just for the vacuum and broom. Since we want to make it into another common entrance to the house/mudroom, we are going to add a bench and cubbies for each of us. Complete with shoe spots! The dog will even get her own area for all her dog belongings. It’s going to be fun to get to that stage (yes, Rob, I know it’s still a while away…). BUT we are off to a great start. Yahoo!

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