Finally! We can shower! Clean never felt so good.

The Bathroom.

It’s done and we are so happy with it. This one has been a long haul. I think if it weren’t for Rob making the shower on the main level usable, then this upstairs bathroom would have had way (way.) more of a push to get crossed off the list. But since we were able to shower on the main level, and you know, stay clean, it didn’t seem AS urgent to get upstairs ready to rock.

It’s quite different from when we started. All the holes from the electricians are filled in, old vanity was taken out, old shower walls taken out…

The floor tiles resemble that of slate and we decided to not stager the design and keep it crisp-and-clean. It’s a good thing, too, otherwise we would have had to order in more tile to incorporate all the waste associated with staggered layout. Walls are the classic bevelled white subway tile. You’ll notice on the other side of the shower we put in grates instead of tiles. Reason being is if we have any issues with the pipes (which, let’s face it, it’s a possibility), taking off 6 screws off the grate versus hacking away and ruining the tile is a heck of a lot easier and way less stress.

Since I’m a sucker for pastels, the bathroom colour wavered between a pastel blue, a pastel purple, and a pastel green. Blue won.

We were able to source out some free (Rob’s favourite word) wood from his parents having some leftovers. Rob ran them through the planer and we stained them and ta-da! Up on the wall!

Some of the baseboards got ruined in the teardown of the old bathroom so we had to re-create some of them to match the original. We (rob.) was able to match them pretty well by shaving off a 15 degree angle off the top of the board to match the same style of what already existed.

I was going for a clean-cut bathroom but with some warmth. The modern shower tile with accent, the floating vanity, and the slate floors were great, but some warmth was needed. The shelves really helped get us to that point as well as adding some knick knacks on the shelves (albeit useful! Cotton balls, Q-tips, etc in mason jars).

We also made sure to keep a piece of the wallpaper from what it was when me moved in and framed a piece of it.

Just missing some final touches of artwork on the walls and curtains. More to come.

Below you’ll find all the pictures of the work of the bathroom as well as the final result. And below THAT you’ll see some sneak pics of other things we are working on: the garage raising and garage doors as well as Ellie’s new bedroom.

Enjoy and let us know what you think! Remember, clicking pictures make them big!

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