Doctor’s Orders

So because of this:


Rob was off  any physical labour for 4 weeks. I know what you’re thinking…how could he be SO SELFISH to put a stop to our bathroom and other house projects.  I mean, it was only numerous facial fractures and a sinus cavity full of blood. Wah, wah, wah.

(FYI, it was from a ball game. Took an awful hard bounce at short stop. Doctors were surprised he didn’t need surgery in the end! But happy news is that he is doing much better now and got the go-ahead to return to normal life. Yahoo! Bathroom is back on!)

So with Rob back in tip-top shape we didn’t ease into our normal routine…what are we, a bunch of sissies? Rob was a champ and he got the grouting done on the shower tiles as well as the wall tiles. It’s shaping up, that’s for sure. Sealing the grout in a few days is next on the docket then it’s flooring. Wahoo!

We also decided to do some modifications to the backyard. There was a privacy fence where we hummed-and-hawed over keeping it or not. Initially, we were going to cut it down to be half the height…but then we just went full gusto and took the whole thing down. What prompted us doing so was being able to see the driveway easily from the patio when Ellie is out playing (when she’s older, mind you, but still). We are very pleased with the end result as it opens up the yard greatly. Now since we took down that privacy fence we are now lacking said privacy but we are going to plant some cedar trees along that white chainlink fence along the far side of the driveway.

That old stove we are going to clean up and use for summer bonfires. Stay tuned.

It was a very packed day, but lots of progress!

The next big project for outside is fixing up that garage! We’re jacking it up and adding more support. Then not only will it be safe to enter (right now if we need something in there it’s a quick in-n-out while holding your breath and be happy you made it out without it collapsing) but the door will actually close which is always a bonus.

Remember, clicking pictures makes them bigger!

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