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Willing the Summer with Projects

We had a week of great weather which put us in very sunny moods. We changed the tires, cleaned out the gardens and lawn, put the swing outside, even ate supper outside one night. Then the week ended and it went back to the bitter cold.

However, during that week, we did so much outside that had me dreaming of little Ellie in little summer dresses. Which lead me to pinterest…which lead me to DIY toddler dresses. I used a dress of Ellie’s as a basic template combined with a Pillow Case Dress tutorial and a basic summer dress tutorial.

  • One fabric for the main body with a colour block on the bottom, with coordinating straps
  • Super A-line
  • Sits at or above the knee (just because most dresses are too long for Ellie since she’s so short and I didn’t want a dress that goes half way to her calves therefore limiting her movement to play around)

When it got to the straps I got a bit stumped and was going to just go out and buy some bias tape, until I talked to my mom (a.k.a the sewing magician) and she told me how to do it with my existing fabric. Yahoo!

The main inspiration came from the classic “pillow case dress”. It was a super simple dress to make. Which is perfect because I am super beginner when it comes to sewing. That shows upon close examination 🙂 But hey, from afar it’s pretty darn cute. I want to make one for me now…though I am positive I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

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