baby swing DIY

Never Measure. Cut Once. Ruin Your Plans.

Last Friday night I was pretty pumped to do some crafting. I had big plans.


  • Replace the curtain in the main floor bathroom
  • Make a dress for Ellie
  • Make a fabric swing

I didn’t get very far.

I started out with the bathroom curtain for the door. I got an adult beverage, set up the sewing machine, put on some background noise and went to square off my fabric. Maybe it was the adult beverage. Maybe it was the Friday night excitement. Or maybe it was just me…yep, probably.

I cut along one of my folds…which meant my 1 piece of fabric was now in 2. And it was still supposed to be 1. I was home alone (with Ellie sleeping upstairs) so I couldn’t very well leave to get more fabric. So then I thought oh well…I’ll start on Ellie’s dress.

But then I realised I didn’t have any elastic for the sleeves. So I threw that idea out.

Then I thought I’d start on the swing. But then I thought…no…wine was better.

Saturday morning I went out to replace my fabric then turned my Friday-Night-Project into a Saturday-Afternoon-Project. So naptime on Saturday a new bathroom curtain was made!

Last night I started the swing. I followed this tutorial. It was great, and easy and quick. I did it in one evening. We set it up outside tonight after supper and huzzah! Success! I originally thought I would post a picture-by-picture tutorial on how to make the swing but then I thought hey, the wheel isn’t broken and this fine lady did a much better job than I could, anyways.

I still have to make that dress…maybe that can be the next Friday-Night-Project. PARTY!

**ALSO!** our bathroom is well underway…I have included some sneak-peaks!

it’s just

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