Easter Arts-n-Crafts

I had this idea in my head where I wanted to have a painting of a big chicken in our dining room. I was envisioning this somewhat real-to-life chicken but with exaggerated colours and do it all with a pallet knife.  So I got to work…I bought the stretchers and canvas. Hand stretched it. Primed it and started to paint.

Then i didn’t like where it was going…so I painted over it.

Started over.

I didn’t like where it was going that time either…so I painted over it.

Started over.

Yep. Didn’t like it. Painted over it.

In the end I realized I was trying to create a look/style that my mind and hands just couldn’t do. So I stripped it down again and tried to take a chicken and do it simply in my style and just go with it. So it may or may not have turned out to look like something from a Kindergartener’s journal…but I’m okay with that. It’s fun, bright, happy and playful. The boots really made him. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the white background…I may just leave it. The blue splotch is there just for a test to see what it looked like against the dining room wall. Most likely it will stay like that for a long time as I am too afraid to mess with it any further out of fear of hating it and painting over it again. I’m running out of paint! And I think Rob’s patience with my indecisiveness is wearing thin. Maybe I’ll go make it a cow….I really don’t like decisions.

Speaking of paint…and birds…

Last week we had a good thaw in the backyard and I took a walk around to see what’s what as it’s been a long winter. I found some wee little birdies. Some of them were cracked and broken too much for me to repair but I was able to “save” 4 of them. Painted them some festive Easter colours just in time for Easter Weekend.

Now let’s switch gears to Babies. Ellie was doing great at daycare…since day 1 I would put her down, take her coat off and off she went to play in the other room not even caring that I was leaving. Not even a second glance. That has all changed this week. She’s been going for a little over a month but now this week it’s been her throwing a fit every time I drop her off. But then, of course, when I pick her up it’s a fit to LEAVE. Oye. Toddlers. She’s got a firm grasp of  “NO!” so that’s a whole lot of fun. I asked her to go feed Stevey her supper. She happily went to her bag of food, grabbed out the scoop and placed it in the dog’s dish. Then decided to grab one handful more to add to the dish (which, let’s face it…that’s like 4 more kibbles, so I let it happen.) In this process she dropped 1 kibble on the floor. That sparked an idea in Ellie’s head. That it would be much better if ALL the kibbles were on the floor. So then she took out handfuls from the dog’s bowl and throw them on the floor. Asking her not to do that and helping clean up turned her into the SPAWN OF SATAN. Thankfully she turned back to normal Ellie in a few moments. But man, toddlers…I can’t keep up! In the blink of an eye I suddenly can’t just pick her up and move her into the other room if I am changing tasks if she is in the middle of something. It’s now having to tell her what’s about to change, ask her to follow instructions, try to sell the idea of why we are changing what we’re about to do (…and then weep when that doesn’t work and full arched back in protest makes an appearance.) She’s really starting to become a little person with actual preferences, interests, likes/dislikes….and a sense of humour. My oh my. But she sure is a lot of fun. She loves her flashcards and went through her pile and found the one of me and brought it over to me. She takes her little dolly and brings it to and brings it up to our face for us to give it a kiss. Even brings it over to stevey to give a kiss. What a girl. She’s something special.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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