master bedroom

The Master

It’s done! DONE!

Our goal was to finish this by Easter. Success! Last night we slept in this room all set up, and it was almost as if I slept better without ladders and drop cloths everywhere. Who would have known.

When we took down the dropped ceiling the plastered ceiling was in pretty rough shape. Lots of sagging, lots of cracking. We had a professional come in to quote us on fixing it up and well…lots of money was on that quote so we thought of other options before giving up our first born. And if you’ve met Ellie… that’s a lot of money.

So we thought well we’ve wallpapered 2 ceilings in this house so far…maybe we should make that the theme of this house. So Rob fixed the cracks and the sags as best as he could and then we wallpapered on top. This isn’t a lasting fix…but it’s a for-now-what-our-budget-can-work-with fix.  Despite how crazy it sounds that we have been wallpapering ceilings, it does turn out really well.  And we especially like how it has turned out in our bedroom.

When we stripped the wallpaper from the walls we noticed some more cracks in the plaster that the wallpaper was doing a great job in hiding. So again we thought of different applications to fix the cracks that were budget friendly. I really, really, really like the look of board and batten and that worked well in hiding some of the cosmetic-cracks. It was very budget friendly and Rob tells me it was easy to do, too! Haha. (Seriously.)

We painted the walls a light grey, with all the trim white. It’s very pronounced and fresh. Found a great deal on some Crate & Barrel curtains and with Target Canada going out of business here, I was able to wipe my tears with a discounted area rug for the foot of the bed.

We are very fortunate to have a heirloom from Rob’s Grandmother in our bedroom, too. It’s her suitcase from when she moved to Canada from England after the War. We added it as the last piece to the room. Ellie is very happy about this as she uses it to get onto our bed and thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world. New rules are in place…

And to pay homage to how the house looked when we moved in we kept the original wallpaper and framed it.

So happy about how this room turned out. I also believe that fresh cut flowers improve any room. Anytime. Always.




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