Fire! I have made fire!

First and foremost:

Our fireplace! It’s in! Nothing says “the first day of Spring” like getting a fireplace installed in your house.  Better late than never, right? Even though it actually has been a true-to-life perfect first day of Spring, we have left the fireplace on. That’s partially due to being instructed to keep it going for the first couple hours…but mostly because it’s pretty.

Looking back at the “before” pictures I really will miss the rounded feature as it added a lot of character. But we had to weigh our options…if we were to keep that fireplace as-is we couldn’t get insured to use it for fires (hence the iPad in the fireplace for effect at Christmas). If we wanted to get insured for a wood-burning fireplace we needed to have the entire chimney rebuilt. The quote on that was an astounding amount of money. So it came between gas fireplace and square off the rounded edge, or never spend a dime for the next 16 years to build a new chimney. Hmph.

The trim surrounding the insert is bigger than I was expecting, but It had to be to cover up the original hole. It looks great and love that we can control it from a remote! With a remote for the thermostat, the fireplace, and the television, we just need to train our dog and toddler to fetch us drinks and nourishment. More on that later.

Remember, clicking on pictures make them bigger!

To any interested, the fireplace is from Napoleon and was installed by  Ultra Comfort.


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