Ice ‘aint so Nice

This post was scheduled to be about the new fireplace, but Ice got in the way.

The install was scheduled at 9:30 this morning. And, they came right on the button. They were kind, courteous and very friendly. They got to work right away. You know who wasn’t kind, courteous and very friendly? Ice.

They were able to install the gas line but when they went up on the roof to start lining the inside of the chimney, Ice stopped them from going any further. I guess there is a big solid slab of ice right where they need to be to get at the chimney. Since the roof is fairly steep, they didn’t really want to mix steep roof and thick layer of ice together. Something about safety and not wanting to plummet to their deaths or something. Which, hey, I totally get. Just a bummer.

Ice wasn’t so nice to us earlier this week either. Sunday morning we woke up to water filled to the brim of the kitchen sink. Which lead to water filling the kitchen floor…which lead to water filling the basement…which lead to heartache, frustration and many loads of towels.

After a day of dealing with the never ending water, we thought we had it fixed, at least temporarily until we could get a plumber in. So we went out to a friends’ for supper. We came home….water everywhere. Again.
There were so many dishes to be done that were laughing at me in my moment of stress and panic so I threw them all into the bathtub to wash them up and put them away to at least feel like there was some order back.
36 hours later we were finally able to locate where the pipe was frozen. Added some heat via heat gun…and ta da! Back in order. Just in time, too as it was “Family Day” in Ontario. So we packed up our little Ellie-Bean and went down to TheMuseum to burn off some energy.

I bought some fabric for kitchen curtains back in November and am only getting to making them now. So up they went and now we have some nice splashes of colour (and apples and pears) to finish off the kitchen. I was going to do cafe-style curtains, but then opted for roman blinds. I did the cheater method though of using mini blinds as the base for the sections. I followed this tutorial.

After some great recommendations from a friend, we also got the EcoBee3 Thermostat. It’s pretty nifty. It senses when you’re home and not home and adjusts the temp accordingly. What’s more is that you input your location and it picks up your local forecast. This is especially handy if you’re like us and drop the heat at night when sleeping. We normally have the temp drop around midnight, and then come on again around 6:30AM. But say the forecast predicts Wednesday morning is going to be colder than normal, so it will start up the furnace at 6:00AM instead, to ensure it’s warm when we wake up at 7. And, as for everything in this world, “there’s an app for that”. We can control the thermostat wherever we are. So, if we are going out for the afternoon we can set the temp down a bit. And maybe when we are 30 mins from coming home, pull out you phone and bam! increase the temp so when we come home it will be all toasty warm again. I think these phones shouldn’t even be called phones anymore….more like “DoEverythings”.

So far the EcoBee3 has been pretty accurate…the other morning it described the temperature outside to be “Extremely Cold”. And that’s the day before The Ice took over our lives.

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