Fridge, Rooster and Brick Breaking

We got the new fridge in the kitchen and man-oh-man…it’s big. The little pullout counter we had in between the fridge and stove no longer fits. Rob trimmed it down so that we can still have a little ledge to the side, as well as just hiding the now awkward gap. It’s shiny and new and makes ice! It’s the real-deal.

I got the urge to do a painting for the dining room. Of a chicken. A big, giant chicken. So that’s currently in the works and it’s progress. I had a hard time deciding between Rooster or Hen, but based on the sketches Rob thought the rooster looked happier so…Rooster it is. Sorry, Mrs. Hen. Maybe next time.

Now, onto the fireplace. When we had the home inspection the fireplace unfortunately didn’t pass it’s WETT inspection. So we could either re-build the whole chimney or put a gas insert in. The gas insert was definitely the more affordable of the two, so it didn’t take long to make the decision as to what route to take. Only sad part about putting the gas insert is we have to square the face off…and get rid of the round edge. That is, unless we were to get one super custom made for our round fireplace…and well that puts as back at the dollar signs flashing. So, Rob started the demo today. We have the Fireplace People coming in next week to do a final measure so that we know exactly where to start squaring it off.

That’s all, folks!

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