365 Days Later

365 days ago at this exact time we were in the hospital cradling and cuddling and living minute by minute with our brand new Eleanor Rose.

365 days later we have come to learn, grow, love and sit in awe over our vibrant, laid back, smiley-faced, dancing Eleanor Rose.  This year has gone by so incredibly quick, and tomorrow it’s back to work. It’s amazing to watch Ellie learn, understand and observe everything around her. She’s so fascinating to watch even if it’s simply her being fascinated with pulling kleenex’s one by one out of the box. I simply cannot get enough.

I have learned a lot in this first year. I have learned what my limits truly are and where they lie. For some things, I felt like I wouldn’t at all be able to handle yet managed to surpass. For others, I felt that when going in, my limits were miles and miles away, but in reality, those limits were a mere few meters away. I have beat myself up over nap times and scheduling. I have woken up with a sore back many a time from sleeping in the armchair over night holding a teeny tiny infant who needed “that little extra” love to get her through the night. I have endured more self-doubt than I could handle in those first few months. I have discovered new country roads by taking extra long drives to get that extra long nap. I have been the reason for baby giggles. I was there to witness one little lady take her very first steps. I have been the witness of a father-daughter bond in the making (my only experience with this thus far is being in part of such a bond). I have even more respect for my

mom and decidely have big shoes to fill. I am incredibly lucky…sore back and all, full heart and eyes that smile.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one. All the good days, bad days, happy tears, stressed out over my mind tears….brought us Ellie.

No matter how many kids we have, Eleanor will always hold a very special place in my heart as she is the one who has first – but forever – made me a Mom.

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