Another Day, Another Renovation.

I finished up the kitchen artwork and finally got them up and in the what-were-bare-frames in the kitchen. I hummed-and-hawed quite a bit about what I would put in there. I did up maybe 6 different drawings before deciding on making these “what’s on your kitchen shelves” drawings. Adds some pops of colour into our kitchen. And who doesn’t like colour?!

We stripped the wallpaper in the stairwell and the upstairs hallway. We (Rob…) scrubbed down the walls from leftover wallpaper glue and then up went the paint! Again with the humming-and-hawing as I flip flopped between which colour to throw on those walls. I decided to Go bold! Go Big! GO DRAMA! So we chose a bold shade of white…but not just ANY white; “Heavy Cream”. Ha. I thought it would be nice to have the walls slightly off-white and do the trim in ultra-bright white. Above the windows on the landing we are going to next do a stencilled pattern in a bold colour which will add the drama we all know and love.

Once the painting of the walls was complete we ripped up the carpet. Although we had peeked under the carpet to see what existed beneath, it was still exciting to see the big reveal. Also a bit nerve wracking because what if there was some damage to the wood beneath that the carpet was there to cover up. Luck was on our side because the wood under is in great condition.

We then took out all the nails and staples holding the carpet down. Okay fine– I started to help…but then I realized there was only 1 hour left of a sale on candles that I like to stock up on…yes – that happened. So Rob did the majority of that grunt work. BUT I DID SOME! AND! I scrubbed down the wood afterwards. So it (kind o?) evened up.

The risers (is that the right term?) took a bit of a beating from the staples so they’ll need a little TLC but we will keep them white. I really love how the wood looks against the white (ahem– heavy cream) walls.

I did that thing you’re not supposed to do–tkae out the memory card from the computer without properly ejecting it…so I lost the majority of the before photos. Other than the ones I found on my iPhone. Sooo…my apologies.

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