When the Cat’s Away, the Mouse Will Play

Rob was away on business for the week and I had this list of things I wanted to accomplish in the house while he was away.

So, like most times, I start off super ambitious with my list and goal making. And then as time marches on that list turns into sludge. But I tried very, very hard to make it a sludge-free week.

And well…I think I was fairly successful. I just didn’t get to the stairwell.

Night One: Stockings!

I “stocked” up on some fabric when the local fabric store had a 50% off nearly everything sale. So out came the sewing machine and ta-da! Stockings. I had a few setbacks…first I made the toe wonky. Then I cut the wrong fabric. Initally the stockings were al going to be white main part, and then a colourful cuff. Well..that didn’t happen. The third setback was when sewing the cuff onto the last stocking I just sewed the entire top shut. I contemplated leaving that way until Rob came home as a joke, since the stocking was his. No gifts for him! But I tore out the stitches and started over again. I even had enough doggy fabric leftover that Stevey even got one!


Night Two: Hallway Trim and Dining Room Trim!

Okay so night two also was spent fine tuning the stockings…THEN I proceeded to paint the trim in the dining room and the hallway.


Night Three: Hallway Painting & Kitchen Drawing!

I painted the hallway, added the photos in the frames, and then started finalizing the drawings I want to put in the kitchen frames.


Night Four: Dining Room Painted!

Okay so for the dining room I was going for drama. I wanted to pull a blue tone out of our dining room chairs and throw it up on the wall. I usually pick pastel-ish hues for the walls so this was (is?) a bit of a shocker. It’s dark. And Dramatic. And Dark. But I vowed to give it a fair chance. Once I throw up some artwork etc on the walls I can lighten it up again and balance it all out.

Every night started out with me thinking “oh this won’t take long at all, then I can put on a movie and relax for a bit.”

That hasn’t happened yet…maybe tonight? Well I better get going and knock down that wall upstairs…

Also I realize now I never did a post about our new mantle…oh well…until next time…




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