Quartz countertop


Where to begin? This last week or so has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I’m not quite sure how to really sum it up. If I had to compare it to anything I imagine it would feel something similar to losing your job.

Emotional baggage aside, we have still done a tonne on this house of ours!

Kitchen! Let’s start with the countertops. They are in and they are beautiful and perfect and we love them. Rob finished the subway tile backsplash and now we have a real-live kitchen. We decided to add some tile around the stove to make cleanup from grease splatters easier. We also made the decision to go floor-to-ceiling on the one section of the kitchen because we didn’t know the best spot for the backsplash to end so we decided to go with not making it end. Ha!

Living Room! Our sweet, sweet living room finally has a finished ceiling, a brand new coat of paint on the walls and a white-wash done on the fireplace. I can safely say we have finally regained dominion over our main floor. After a day’s long scrub of all the floors (namely the living room as it was covered in paint blobs, plaster blobs, wallpaper glue blobs…etc) thanks to my Mom, we can finally let Ellie roam free! She has been going a bit stir crazy as we’ve been holding her hostage in the office since move in basically. I gave the fireplace a slight white-wash just to freshen it up a bit and blend with the wall and floor colours a bit more. I read a bunch of tutorials on it and it’s super easy. I just wiped the brick down with a damp cloth, then mixed about 3/4 water and 1/4 white paint, then schlopped it on the brick and wiped up any excess drips with a cloth. Anything that involves the word “schlopped” in the description means it’s easy. Fact. Now it’s the fun part of adding in the decor! We are going to split the living room into two sections…kids and adults. So Ellie’s play area is still quite lack lustre but we’re working on it, alright? We went out today looking for an area rug  thinking it would be no problem to find one. Well…it’s 6:00 pm and we have no rug. HOLY DECISIONS…and holy price tag! Yikes. So we are still on the hunt. But not discouraged quite yet.  So remember how in this post  we were all set and started making our own kitchen island? Yea well….we scratched that. But also didn’t want to waste the materials..so we just chopped it’s legs down and ta-da! a coffee table!

Hallway! We were debating what to do with the light in the hallway. We had an old white drum shade from a lamp that broke and decided if we just got a pendant kit ($16!) we could hang it from the ceiling and voila! Once we add the new frames we got today it will match the light fixture beautifully.

Summer Kitchen! Rob found a cool light fixture for only $25 so he snatched it up and put it in the summer kitchen. We are going to grab an Edison bulb for it but in the meantime this one does the trick.

Dining Room! We still have to patch 3 holes left from the electrical gut, but once those are patched we are painting and then the dining room will be complete. Rob scored this great light off of kijiji (which happened to be only a couple blocks away no less) for $40.

We made a trip to IKEA today and loaded up on frames to complete the hallway and the kitchen. I am so excited I really can’t hide it. (but I’m not about to lose control…and I like that.) We have both been working like dogs, and seeing it all come together is making all the drywall-dust-filled-lungs-paint-everywhere-mopping the floors 3 times a day-tools everywhere-drop sheets covered days worth it!


One thought on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Sue wright says:

    It looks great Maggie and Rob. You have worked hard, but it has paid off. I am sure you will be very happy in your new home. John and Sue Wright

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