The Light at the End of the (kitchen) Tunnel

This weekend FLEW by.

Friday night we finished all the sanding of the drywall seams and then did two coats of primer on the walls. During the day I also painted the backs of all the cupboards in a subtle vintage mint green. Rob also installed the kitchen light we bought back in the summer which was featured in this post.

Saturday we made a trip to Ikea to get a new dining room light fixture and area rug. Which turned into getting a fixture that will now be going in the stairwell instead of the dining room…but that’s another story for another day. We made a stop in at a local pumpkin patch where Ellie (ahem, Rob…) chose the pumpkin that will be turned into Stevey. Stay tuned…but no promises it works out. Once Ellie was in bed for the night, Rob re-enforced the lower cabinet tops to make way for the new counter top that will be getting installed this week (THIS WEEK!). Then, as a final send off before we went to bed ourselves we primed the ceiling to make way for the wall paper. Yes, wallpaper for the ceiling.

Sunday was not exactly a day of rest for us. We went out and got the paint and crown moulding for the kitchen, then had some one-on-one time with Ellie. This weekend she’s been getting the hang of the high-five and waving. My parents came over to drop off some wallpapering supplies and offer their counsel on The Art of Wallpapering. My mom is a seasoned-pro at wallpapering so it was great having the guidance there. They even brought some old wallpapering tools that belonged to MY great-grandfather! Pretty nifty, eh?

With all this renovating going on, Stevey hasn’t been getting all the attention she deserves. So we took a break and took her to the dog park for a good treat. She was so tired afterwards she curled up on her chair and appears to have gotten stuck but was too tired to try and get out.

We decided to wallpaper the ceiling in a paintable, textured style. It’s pattern/design is a touch reflective of tin ceilings. We are going to paint it white once we give it a couple days to really dry. We did this for two reasons….
1. Both liked the look it gave when we saw it other places.
2. It meant only one coat of mudding and only one round of sanding, which saves a whole heck of a lot of time and stress.

The wallpaper went up without any trouble and it was actually enjoyable. The pictures are hard to see because half of the sheets are dry and the other wet, but you’ll get the idea for now.

Once we were done wallpapering we did the first coat of paint on the walls. Putting up the paint was a bit nerve-wracking because that’s when any imperfection, hill or valley in the patching process was going to show it’s ugly face. Thankfully– you can’t even tell where the patches are from the sizeable holes left from the re-wiring of the house (like this one).

And ta-da! Now it’s 10:30PM on Sunday and we’re both pretty happy with what we got accomplished. We have been working pretty hard…okay, undeniably hard, because we really really really miss reality. I think I have washed one too many dishes in the bathroom sink. It’s hard to live without a kitchen, but it’s also hard to live without a kitchen and a living room. And I think it’s starting to get to us. Well, me especially. I haven’t unpacked so many things because it seems the majority of our “stuff” belongs in the living room and kitchen. But soon…soon we will get there and it’s going to be fabulous.

(Remember, clicking on the circled images makes ’em big!)

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