Ceilings! Dust! Drywall! Nails!

Yesterday was a dusty one. It was our goal to have the ceiling in the living room and the kitchen done by day’s end. But as life goes, things don’t go as planned. We did, however, still manage to get the living room done and the entire kitchen prepped. And by “we” I mean Rob and his brother, Mike. So no, that isn’t a mirror image of Rob working in the pictures. It is in fact his twin brother, Mike. His loving, funny, kind hearted, generous, strong, handsome twin brother Mike. (What? I have to butter him up so he’s willing to come back and help more.)

With only one quick break for lunch they hung all the insulation and drywall in the living room. It already looks so much more like a room and our stress levels have gone down a hair under the category of “WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO”.

One surprising event of the day is Ellie slept (like a baby) while all the hammering, yelling and drilling went on beneath her bedroom.  Hooray!

After Mike left Rob and I finished taking out the nails hanging from the old ceiling and then he took out more odds-n-sods of the lathe and plaster left up in the ceiling and some of the trim to make way for a good flat surface for new drywall. Hopefully we will get the kitchen hung this week!


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