We were floored

So last night after Ellie was asleep, we had every intention to clean the upstairs and get a start on setting up our furniture etc. Rob started in the master, and I started in Ellie’s room.  I was going to vacuum the carpet first and foremost. All the carpets in the house have gotten quite the beating since the electricians have been in to do their work. What was green is now dark green, beige…now black.  So I hummed and hawed about wether or not to vacuum and to instead rip up the corner of the carpet to have a look of what was underneath.

It was a patterned linoleum floor that I really liked so I was pretty pumped and we ripped out the carpet in no time! Once we got the whole carpet out we noticed two patches in the linoleum. My immediate thought was “Well I guess that makes a good spot for a dresser” whereas Rob’s immediate thought was “let’s see what’s under the linoleum”. I was a bit hesitant because, as I said, I was a big fan of the linoleum. But I, too, committed to ripping it out and testing our luck to see what we would find beneath.

Well — that probably turned out to be a great decision because there was beautiful hardwood beneath! We took out the remainder of the linoleum and then one-by-one took out each staple which held in the subfloor and linoleum.

We had planned to work for no more than an hour and a half, but that quickly turned into us working for three hours before checking the time.

It was a great treat and surprise to find the flooring beneath and it would appear that the stairs also have the hardwood beneath! Hooray!

The electricians have about the whole top floor ready-to-go. The added the pot lights in the living room as well as the kitchen. They have also hardwired the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors right into the house so that’s handy. They have tried their best to be gentle and not totally chew away  our walls, but there will still be many a patch to be made…

They have also found various items in the walls including  an old Macleans Magazine, an old package of cigarettes and even a beer!

Tonight we are going to take a break and recharge and go back at it tomorrow.


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