And so it begins…

What else do you do once the baby is down for the count for the night? Well you rip down a ceiling, of course.

When we pulled up to the house last night to begin working, I noticed the porch light – which is on a timer – was off. Which meant…no electricity. Soooo how are we going to work with no electricity at 8:00 at night? Fortunately the basement circuit was still on so we just used extension cords and work lamps. Success!

The electricians are adding in the pot lights for the kitchen today so we prepped the area for them last night. Which meant a whole lot of tiles, wood, nails and dust. Basically it meant a whole lot of mess. Rob was Mr. Demo and I was Miss. Clean-up. I forgot, however, to take photos of what it looked like after I cleaned up…I did, I swear!

There is a lot of progress going on at the new house. The roofers are coming in a couple weeks to replace the roof, the electricians should be done next week, and the new kitchen counter is ordered and will be installed by the month’s end.

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