Saying Goodbye

The rooms are now all empty, the walls are bare but the memories are flooding. When I went to the house to do a clean-up after everything was moved out, I went into each room and just had a bit of reflection time of all the memories each room held. Bringing Stevey home. Bringing Ellie home. Dance parties in the kitchen. Dance parties in the living room…heck! Dance parties everywhere!  There were many ‘firsts’ in this house and now it’s odd thinking that there are now so many ‘lasts’. Stevey has gotten to know her way around this neighbourhood well (and sadly knowing exactly where all the little rabbit families live) and we have officially walked up the driveway from an evening walk with Ellie and Stevey in tow for the last time.

Ellie won’t remember this house, but we will have many stories to tell her about it. Like the time we trapped ourselves in the basement because we decided to tear down the stairs on a Friday night. Or how we used to set up movies in the backyard projecting on a spare piece of drywall during the high tide of renovations. We will never forget that it was this house where we found out we were pregnant. It was this kitchen floor where at 2AM I was on my hands and knees going through contractions telling Rob “it’s not that big of a deal, we don’t need to go to the hospital.” (FYI, it was a big deal and I did need to go to the hospital.) It was this house we brought our first baby home to. It was the first house for many adventures, lessons, laughter and warmth (except for the time a chipmunk got stuck in our furnace and temporarily disabled it…then it was cold).

The good thing about all this is that we aren’t moving to a house where no fun or memory-making is allowed. There will only be more memories and more stories to share and many more firsts. There is not a single doubt that this new house will bring lots of tales to tell. Except maybe this time we will avoid the whole knocking down a staircase and getting stuck in the basement.

This house was a perfect house for us to start out in. It treated us so well — so well that we really had no issues with things breaking down or anything. That is…until two weeks leading up to our closing date. That’s when the toilet seat broke, the laundry taps snapped off, the washing machine busted, the gate in the back broke….! C’est la vie.

So now we say goodbye to our first house made into a home. We wish the new homeowners well and hope they fill it with as many memories as we were able to cram in.


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