The Last Bath

The title of this last post makes it sound so…biblical.

I have being working on a post for our final goodbye to this house, but tonight as I gave Ellie her last bath in this house I started to get all emotional. I started thinking of all the “lasts” in this house. Ranging from the crazy; “the last time I’ll ever make toast in this kitchen.” To the only kind of crazy; “I can’t believe this is the last time Ellie will have a bath here. This is the last time she’ll play with these toys! In this water! In this tub!” As my sister Katie said… “I hope she soaks it in…”

I have a feeling I will shed a few tears when we lock this house up for the last.

Gah! Who am I kidding, I’m shedding a few tears thinking about it. You’d think I was being forced out of this house and into some garbage hole the way I am going on. I CANNOT WAIT to move, I am so excited and absolutely thrilled. But it’s hard saying goodbye to anything that treated you this well.

For the meantime…here is Ellie soaking up her last bath time! (click on the circles to make the pictures bigger 🙂 )

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