“A” for effort?

So I thought today was as good as any to introduce Ellie to the world of crafting…

It kind of turned out?

So I decided today’s craft would be those sensory bottles and bags that have flooded Pinterest under the heading “things to make to make you feel like a contributing parent”.

The bag started out looking great. Filled it with some little googly eyes, sparkles, foam shapes then topped to all off with some dish soap and sealed the edges with fun duct tape.

Then I tossed Ellie the bag and moved along to the next craft…the bottle. So I filled the bottle with odds-n-sods again and then topped it off with water and hot glued the lid shut. Then I turned around to give it to Ellie that’s when I realized I may have missed some important tip about these bags. Like using strong, durable freezer bags instead of flimsy sandwich bags.

As I turned around Ellie has the bag at her mouth and her mouth foaming from the dish soap. Well at least this craft provided some good, clean fun. (hilarious I know). So needless to say that craft went into the garbage with the plant I was unable to keep alive.

After beating myself up over the failed bag I looked at my supplies and thought we would make some never fail shakers. Grabbed the plastic eggs and filled them with beans and hot glued them shut. These were a real winner for two reasons…
1- she hasn’t put them down since
2- she CRAWLED for the first time to grab ’em!

So even if the first craft made her look infected with rabies, the second and third ones worked out.

So as exciting as it is that she has started to crawl I suspect there is a bit of “game over” as well….

The crafts ended with a much needed afternoon snooze.











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