Plans as fresh as an antique

The countdown to getting into the new house is on. We have been feverishly planning and daydreaming of what we will do with this new canvas. We are going to start in the kitchen. As it sits right now, the cupboards are a maroon-red, the countertops are a wood-grain laminate, and the floors are vinyl.  I really like the style of the cupboards. I always wanted a white kitchen so we will paint the cupboards white! As far as the countertop goes we are going with black quartz. We are also debating doing the lower cupboards in black (uppers being in white) but that is still up for debate.

The floors. Oh the floors. I keep flip-flopping over the floors. I had always thought when I had my forever-house that I would do the kitchen floors in black and white tile. But now when I am actually in the spot to make that decision I am, of course, second guessing it. I like the classic look of  a black and white kitchen but worried that the “checkerboard” will scream 50s diner. Which I’m not keen of sporting that look for my kitchen. But I also feel like if it is done right it won’t reflect that of a diner. DECISIONS! WHO NEEDS ‘EM!

We are going to try to make our own kitchen island. We like the butcher-block style a lot. We went to the an antique market with all sorts of different vendors and found butcher blocks, old carpenters work desks, as well as other refurbished islands used from reclaimed items. But nothing we saw was the right size. So…we are going to take bits and pieces we like from other islands we have seen and make it! We found one vendor there who sold all sorts of types, colours, sizes, thickness etc of wood. We got ourselves a big piece of maple and Rob cut it in half and glued it together and ta-da! The top of our island is done! Okay…minus the whole sanding, staining and sealing…..

We are going to do something like we did with the patio table and use plumbing pieces to make the legs and supports. We came across some drawers taken off of an older Singer sewing cabinet that we are going to mount under the island top and potentially use for knives, forks, spoons etc.

While at the antique market we also found a light we are going to use for above the sink in the kitchen. It looks like it’s something you’d fine in an old farmhouse but I am entirely assuming that is it’s origin.

Our current house is getting closer to being all packed up…there is nothing left on the walls and our dining room is just full of colour-coordinated boxes. We are putting strip of different coloured duct-tape on each box to represent a different room for the new house to try to ease the move. Update on that later.

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