Sew Crafty!

For months I have been eyeing these baby bib-danas on Etsy. I got stuck in my typical rut when I see particular home crafted goods; “Well I could make that…” and then I put it on my “real in my head to-do list” but in all reality it’s on my “never ever going to end up doing but makes me feel better when I put it on my pretend to-do list, list.” NOT THIS TIME, ETSY…NOT THIS TIME.


It was actually fairly easy, but the next ones I make I am going to alter a few things. First, the overall size of the front of the bib-dana. Maybe just a bit widee and touch longer. Second, add snaps instead of tying a knot. It’s fun because they don’t take up too much fabric and you can mix-n-match the fronts and backs. Best part is you can make them match virtually any outfit. My intent is to just use these for drool. Ellie has been a bit of a faucet with her drool lately. But then for feedings I’ll use the heavy duty bibs (made my momma!).

Now to resist the temptation to go back to the fabric store this weekend to stock up on more designs…


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