See-dar Table over there? It was all in a night’s work.

Okay, okay so that pun may not have been the greatest….but there’s a small flaw in every design, no?



We have been on the hunt for a new patio table for quite some time. We have been to the stores, to the garage sales and to the classified sites but nothing really fit the bill. After some time spent on pinterest we did find what we liked and decided it looked easy enough. So tonight started as most trips to the home depot start…. “Let’s just look to see what materials we would need and how much it would cost etc….”

So 45 minutes later we left the store with everything we needed. The project was incredibly easy. Granted I wasn’t the one who did any of the construction. However, considering that the table was complete in the time it took Ellie to have her last meal and a bath, it couldn’t have been that labour intensive. And, I received confirmation that it was, in fact, an easy job. Just need to slap a clear coat on the wood and then add the feet!

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