First Mother’s Day Weekend

Well, at least one that actually applied to me.


We had a very productive weekend but yet still enough relax-time melded into the pot. Friday we cleared out the attic for our impromptu garage sale. Saturday we set it all up (I was ready to shut ‘er down after ten minutes of set up but Rob insisted we wait longer…). At the end of it all we made a whopping $9.75. Woo-hoo? Well all that work was at least worth it for doing a good purge of the attic and garage, and that which didn’t get sold got donated. Yep… all those old comic books and random knick knacks not good enough for our neighbourhood went to our neighbourhood thrift shop.

As far as an update on home renovations, we are taking the old fruit cellar and turning it into a little reading nook. So Rob started that on Saturday afternoon. It’s proving to be really hard at getting photos of this space since it’s, well, a fruit cellar (and not a very big one at that) but hopefully as more gets done I’ll get  bit more crafty with the camera. Right now the framing and insulation is all done. Rob has now added a bench/bed that is made to fit the entire space of the book. The plan is to have the bench fold up for storage of toys etc.

And as far as the outdoors goes…we seeded the lawn where it needed it most and decided to give some of the garden accents a face-lift. I have this old painters ladder that I used in the garden to hold planters. We also have a joining set of adirondack chairs that are stained a dark red but thought while we’re giving the ladder a buffer we would do the same for these guys. We decided on a bright yellow….and only have got half way done on the chairs before quitting time. So, right now we have a ketchup and mustard theme going on.

We spent most of today outdoors, and ended it with a trip to the dog park, Stevey was in her normal stick heaven, hammock hangouts and a great supper outside a la Rob. We also paid a visit to my own Momma, and was also graciously given beautiful flowers by a very dear and important friend. What a great day!

I could get sappy and go on about how we didn’t need lavish gifts to make this mother’s day a special one…we just needed time spent together and enjoying the little moment, with an extra nod of appreciation . I could go on about how all I really needed this Mother’s day was little Eleanor because she is what makes this day apply to me and how I couldn’t be more lucky with this little girl of mine (ahem, ours.) I could go on about all that…but I won’t…because that’s all self explanatory.  Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all good night. Hmm…that sounds oddly familiar….

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