Walk this way (Pt.2!)

So last summer we re-did the front walkway (see?) and the back patio has eagerly been waiting it’s transformation. When we got that load of brick and flagstone (for free!) last year we didn’t use it all up but saved it for the back. I was happy for this transformation to begin for two reasons…

1. A new patio and who doesn’t like that?

2. the pile of scrap flagstone and brick to be gone from my driveway.

The existing patio did have flagstone already, but we wanted a bigger area covered and the stones closer together. So Rob dug up the existing stones and then tackled the “puzzling” job of laying in the new stones to all fit just so.  Since our backyard didn’t have any lights we were on the hunt for  some options. Luckily, while at a community garage sale last weekend we came across a lamp post for a great price and so…we “let there be light”.

And because that wasn’t enough…Rob also took out the two short stairs that did exist and replaced them and extended them around the corner of the porch to make it all more user friendly.

Now we can’t wait until we can spruce up the gardens and flowers etc so make this all complete!


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