But When Will I Ever Cut a Watermelon?

As I have already confessed in previous posts, the first month of babyhood (for me) was rough. I remember being in the grocery store and there was a sale on watermelons. I love watermelon. I was about to get one but then I thought… “No, Maggie…how can you possibly rationalize buying a watermelon when you’ll have to throw it out in a week’s time because you’ll never have the time to cut it up.” And so I left the store without a watermelon.

The first month I couldn’t understand how people with kids did ANYTHING (including being able to take the 10 minutes to cut up a watermelon). For the first month, it would take Ellie 1 hour to eat, 1 hour to put down for her nap, she’d nap for 1 hour and that would repeat itself.  So you can (maybe?) see how the act of cutting up a watermelon seemed unattainable. The idea of not being able to do things stressed me out a lot, and I felt like I would never have anytime but to feed the baby, rock the baby to sleep and try to then sleep myself. But…as everyone told me “things will get better…it’s just adjustment period…”

And okay…so maybe they were right. Things are better. We are in a great routine, we know how what makes her giggle and laugh, she is happy to sit and hang out, go for walks with the dog etc. Mind you, she is also great at letting us know when she’s had enough of any of these things, but at least we (I?) feel like we (I?) have a better grip on things and can manage more. I’ve decided after my month of crazy, that things just need balance. You just need some time to let things balance out. (Rob, I know I know you’re going to tell me to re-read these words coming out of my mouth the next time I have a stressy day if she’s missed a nap…)

I’ve also decided that we can do a lot of the same things we did pre-baby Ellie but we just can’t be as spontaneous. We can still join a baseball team for the summer, we can still go to the estate auctions we love going to, we can still have people over for dinner, do home renovations etc etc….just needs a little more pre-planning first to work around nap times and feedings.  It’s really hard to believe she is already 4 months old…and how much she has changed in that amount of time. It’s crazy how a little personality is developing in this wee little girl.


And the best part? Yesterday I cut up a whole watermelon and I lived to to tell the tale. 





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