A little more enjoying and a little less worry

Often after something like a trip or vacation I will tell myself how I wished I would have done things differently. How I wished I wouldn’t of worried so much about spending an extra $50 to do that one thing that isn’t something I could do, try, taste or see from home. Or how I wish I would have sat down longer to enjoy what’s around me instead of being so concerned with what to do next or if the people I am with are enjoying themselves. It always seems I wish I would have just focused on the individual moments more. Too much worry and unnecessary concern often get in the way of that— simple enjoyment. Enjoying other peoples company or even my own. Enjoying the trip and all the small things that go with it. Enjoying that time spent on a road trip with my husband with great weather and great music versus worrying that we are two hours behind schedule.

I find myself looking up all the things Ellie will be able to do by certain ages. Sitting up on her own, crawling, talking, feeding herself etc. and because of this am noticing I’m not focusing enough on all the things she can do now and enjoying them. I have all the first time parents (and then some) worries of her hitting all the right targets at the right times that I am forgetting to enjoy all the little things. Just like I don’t want to regret not going on that extra excursion on our last vacation because of an extra $50, I also don’t want to regret not spending enough time listening to Ellie coo back when I talk to her, smile big, or just the simple pleasure of watching her sleep because I was too worried about what and when her next “thing” is. I want to enjoy each of her targets versus waiting impatiently for the next one. I want to spend more time getting to know her now and not wishing I had done so later. I need to relax and just enjoy.

Right now as I write this, sweet baby Eleanor is asleep in my arms… And now I’m going to go enjoy that while I can…


3 thoughts on “A little more enjoying and a little less worry

  1. Valerie says:

    It’s amazing that you can see yourself so clearly. I was very much focused on the next step (and the next and the next…) with my first child. I enjoyed what she was currently doing but I was READY for the next step all the time, instead of just relaxing.
    With my second, I was somewhat less stressed, but nothing like I am now with my third. I am not in any hurry at all because I now realize just how quickly they grow and change. 🙂

    • maggiemaemoves says:

      I wish I could see myself as clear as I aspire to be. Even looking back on photos from 10 weeks ago I already think “man… She doesn’t do that little snugly thing anymore…” Thanks for the comment and follow!

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