The Throne of the Basement

It’s done! It’s done! This basement bathroom was the final of the major renovations of our home. Sure there are still the finishing touches in rooms here and there (including this bathroom yet) but all the major stuff is done which was the goal before the baby was born. Looks like we even have 3 weeks to spare.

It’s hard to believe that not long ago this was just a cement floor and some bare framing. We decided that chances are, unless we win the lottery one day, that we would never put in granite flooring someplace. But since this bathroom was a small enough size we decided to do a mini-splurge on just that. We found a rain-shower hookup on sale complete with jets should you want them. The very best part though? Is the hose/wand option on the shower. Having a dog who seems to be a super magnet to mud puddles, this wand will turn a 50 minute struggle in the tub to a 15 minute breeze in the shower.

We scored that mirror for $15, and although it IS supposed to hang the other way like your traditional medicine cabinet, I much preferred the shape of it this way. It still functions as a medicine cabinet so….it’s still win-win I’d say.

If I were to do the upstairs bathroom all over again I PROBABLY would opt for larger tiles like we did downstairs. Not as high maintenance that’s for sure. Got to say though I am thrilled with the outcome and think I owe Rob lots of favours for the next while since he kicked it into high gear getting this bathroom done in time for the baby!

So ta-da! here are the photos from beginning to end!

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