Nursery tid-bits

With about a month or so to go until our due date it only makes sense to have the nursery done. Except… I’m not done. Still some things I need to finish up but thought I’d share some photos of stuff in the works.

With the help of my super talented mom we made 3 fitted sheets for the crib. Ages ago I bought two sugar sacks from an antique store. When clearing out this room to get ready for the baby I placed the sugar sack on top of the change pad just as I was trying up but instantly noticed how the sugar sack and change pad where nearly the same size and would make a perfect cover. So enter talented mom again and ta-da! The original sugar sack change pad was created!

I lined all the drawers if the dresser with different coloured and patterned paper. Slowly those drawers have been filling up with everything baby.

Stevey (the dog) seems to be welcoming this remodel… And been learning the difference between the bin of baby toys versus the bin of her dog toys. Her toys have always been in a bin on the floor but I put down a second (different looking) bin full of baby toys hoping to help teach her what is and isn’t hers. But she seems to enjoy when I spend some time warming up the cushions (also made by my mom!) in the rocking chair.

We had an old piece of barn board that we drew and painted a quote onto to hang onto the wall. The quote was one we found but then kind if played around with it and added our own “flair”.

Anyways…. Photos! Final final FINAL nursery room scan coming soon….

P.S. I am uploading this via the iPad app which proves to be difficult when adding photos properly so my apologies.

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