Mind the mess…

The basement bathroom is in full swing! Rob got a burst of renovating energy over the passed week or so and:

The shower basin is ofiicially in.

The light for the shower is in.

The separate main light for the bathroom is in.

The fan is in.

Hot & Cold water pipes for the sink are ready and just need the vanity!

Toilet is just about ready to rock (…err, flush.)

What’s left?

– Plumbing for the shower head to be installed

– Drywall

– Tile the shower

– Flooring

– Paint

So it seems like a lot left…but bear in mind this is not a large bathroom. Now it’s final decision making time for the flooring and shower tiles! Oh my! With 2 months left before the wee one arrives we may just have this bathroom ready to go before the big day. I hate the decision part– it’s always so stressful. It seems to easy when you’re window shopping…like the possibilities are endless and you can be so laid back and feel so experimental about the whole thing. But then when it comes time to actually pick that tile or that wall colour…suddenly laid back isn’t an option. Suddenly it’s sweaty palms and over thinking every possible thing. Suddenly your main plan of experimenting with some new colour or wall treatment seems too daring and that maybe you should dial it back. Suddenly you over think your entire idea. The entire idea that took hours of pinteresting to get all sorts of inspiration, numerous saturday mornings of magazine flipping, browsing the paint selections at the hardware store….

Maybe it’s just me that does all this over thinking. I just want it to be just so…I just have yet to decide on what so is.

I hate decisions.


Oh – and when I say “mind the mess” I mean it…don’t judge us too harshly on the state of our bathroom/construction zone.

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