Smörgåsbord – Shower drain, nursery tease and DIY dog grooming (!)

Call it lazy or call it efficient but I’m tying in 3 topics into 1 post today.


ONE! Shower drain!

Last weekend Rob and our friend Jason cut into the foundation to built a trench for the drain pipe of the soon-to-be shower. Now I know it’s inevitable that there will be cobwebs up in the bare rafters. It’s inevitable. But I didn’t think there were that many….until they cut into the foundation and cement-dust went a flying and clung to all cobwebs making them visible. HOLY SMOKES! Guess I need to get a-dustin’. THIS weekend Rob and his dad cut into the main water pipe for the house and tied the shower drainage pipe into it and voila! Now to lay the cement, throw on the shower basin…add some drywall…some tile…some paint…a vanity…OKAY. So we’re not QUITE done. But the biggest part is over. Rob is thrilled about how easily the drain went in without any complications.

bment1 bmnet2 bmne t3


TWO! Nursery tease!

We have no “theme” for this nursery other than colour, and lots of it. I picked out fabric with my mom the other night, and am really excited about it. We got the yellow to make cushions for the rocking chair, the floral is for one of the fitted crib sheets and the grey polka dots for a log pillow. After a grand search we also finally found a pouf at a decent price ($50!) everywhere I have looked it has been $100+. We got some old brass frames from an antique market that Rob spray painted white for me and then I put some little illustrations of our pooch Stevey, a baby dinosaur and a baby cow. We also lined the drawers of the dresser with different coloured and patterend paper. It’s coming together but I have yet to put anything on the walls….I’ll make that another post.

nurserymain nursery1 nursery3

THREE! DIY Dog Grooming!

We normally take Stevey to get groomed by professionals. But it’s a lot of money and we don’t get a special cut done to her…just have her shaved down and then let it grow back (step and repeat). So I borrowed some dog clippers from a friend at work (Thanks, Ashley!) and we slowly but surely got her shaved down. Now…it’s not perfect. In fact– it’s FAR from perfect. It’s kind of patchy with a couple bald spots…but overall….I’m okay with it. Besides, this dog can’t lose her cuteness with our without her curls!
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steveyb steveya


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